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THE COMPANY will open in Boston, Miami, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Philadelphia on January 16, 2004.

More cities will follow and I will pass along any information I receive.

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There is a preview showing (for which I have a ticket :-) ) next Tuesday the 13th in Bethesda, so I am guessing that it will open in the DC area over MLK weekend and that it will be playing in Bethesda, which very convenient for _some_ Alertniks.

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I looked at movie's website today and there is still no information as to when this will be opening on a broader scale. Additionally, I e-mailed them a week ago and have yet to receive a response, nor have I seen any PR or advertising any place.

Glebb, I'm curious where you were able to find your information, as I'm in Minneapolis?

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More information from my producer friend at Sandcastle.

Cities in which the film is booked: :)


Chicago, Highland Park

Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks West Hills

New York City


Boston - Brookline, Cambridge, Portsmouth, West Newton

Dallas, Houston


Miami Beach, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale

Los Angeles-Rolling Hills Estates. San Diego, Santa Barbara


New Heaven, Bethel, Norwalk

New York-Huntington, Kew Gardens, Malverne, Manhasset, Montclair, Red Bank,

Philadelphia-, Voorhees

Phoenix, Scottsdale

San Francisco, Albany, Campbell, Mountain View, Sausalito

Portland (OR), Seattle, Vancouver (WA)

Saint Louis, Frontenac

Washington, DC, Arlington, Bethesda, Fairfax


Albany, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Williamsville, Woostock


Dallas, Ft. Worth

Albuquerque, Santa Fe





Birmingham, Huntsville

Knoxville, Nashville

North Falmouth

Charlotte, Cary, Chapel Hill, Charleston, Raleigh

South Bend

Austin, San Antonio

Indianapolis, Evansville, Terre Haute

Ft. Meyers, Bonita Springs, Boynton Beach, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa

Kansas City


San Luis Obispo

Little Rock



Las Vegas

Salt Lake City


Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa


Eugene, Corvallis







Cincinnati, Columbus


Cleveland Heights



Baton Rouge


Pittsburgh, East Stroudsburg, Harrisburg


Great Barrington, Waterville

South Pines




Santa Monica






Bloomfield Hills

Bellingham, Tacoma


Gainesville, Tallahassee

Des Moines



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I was at a preview-screening of the Company tonight, realy REALLY enjoyed it -- for hte quality of presence in it all hte way through, the quality of hte attention, the loving absorbed attention....it made me very happy...... It's extremely generous, and is i think a response to the generosity of hte dancers, the recognition of one artist (Altman) that goes to those others, the dancers, who work in such a total way, where what you do is open and close like a flower, and offer up what you've got come rain or come shine when your time comes....

I just loved it.

It was great to see Deborah Dawn looking so fine. I really liked Mark Goldweber, the qauality of his energy was very appealing -- small part, but really memorable. I quite liked Malcolm MacDowell, even -- I loved it when he told the Italian AMericans that he owed htem nothing, and htat hte biggest award they could give him would be to NOT make it so hard on their boys to be a dancer.... I doubt that Arpino would do that, but I loved it.... I hope all the Billy Elliotts out there get to see him hit em a lick for that.

THe Blue Snake, even is not all that bad -- where else could the dancer in white who opened the piece get to show his strange, bizarre, FABULOUS quality? As allegories go, it's kinda stupid -- but not much worse than parts of the ballet de la Nuit.

But hte really beautiful section was the trapeze ballet -- those unending cartwheels, they had hte fullness of eternity in them.... And so lovingly filmed.

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I quite liked Malcolm MacDowell, even -- I loved it when he told the Italian Americans that he owed them nothing, and that the biggest award they could give him would be to NOT make it so hard on their boys to be a dancer.... I doubt that Arpino would do that get to show his strange, bizarre, FABULOUS quality?

I don't. I've seen and heard him do that very thing!

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I don't know about that particular vignette, but from what I've heard many of the scenes are based on things that really happened in the company at some point. (Of course, this is just hearsay, I don't have any firsthand knowledge.)

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Does anybody know if The Company will be shown in Canada?  Thanks

According to a little blurb in the Toronto Star, it's opening TOMORROW!! :bouncing: In Toronto at least. I guess we'll have to check the local papers tomorrow to find out exactly where it's playing (and there will probably be a review, too).

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Guest Alice172

Thanks for your reaction to it paul Parish! I really liked the swing/trapeze piece as well. i wish I could see it live. Maybe the Blue Snake was meant for humor? Just as a spoof of deranged pieces that show up in repertoire? :lol:

So what did everyone else think??? I know by now it has gotten to your city or it never will so speak up!

I really liked just watching the dancers and how it was so realistic and not so corny or inaccurate like Julia Stiles' story in "Save the Last Dance". As a dance person I couldn't care less if there was a plot and just enjoyed it for what it was, but my friend I went with knows nothing about the ballet world (like most of the rest of the world) and found it hard to follow and pay attention to but she said she liked it.

One of the things that really bugged me was how one of the guys, maybe it was a girl (I saw it months ago so I can't remember who) was arguing with the choreographer about changing the choreography. I was so shocked at the brashness! OMG, to speak out like that? :pinch: Just do what the man tells you! If he wants to change choreography while you're waiting in the wing before curtain he can! hehe, sorry was just disappointed in that dancer.

I thought Neve Campbell did really well for being a very EX-dancer. I know her piece wasn't en pointe but she really had pretty decent technique from what I could tell. Has anyone heard the rumor that she was offered a spot with them? Is it true? I don't believe it and I pray it isn't true b/c she was good for the movie but she is nowhere near where she would need to be to be a professional dancer. That is ridiculous. Plus how sad would that be b/c it is so hard to get a spot in a company and there are so many real dancers out there who need a job so much more than her and they deserve it more too. SO I don't believe it but if anyoone has heard anything else let me know!

BTW, Miss Arthur (Char, in the movie, playing herself) was my teacher for several years so it was such a pleasure to watch her. I miss her but it a treat to see her in a movie. :P

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As for Neve Campbell being offered a spot, this is the story I was told by someone close enough to the situation to know the truth:

After the filming was finished, a remark was made that "she's been training with us so long, she feels like a member of the company. Let's offer her a spot with us until the end of the season."

I don't recall from the recounting if the offer was actually made. In any case, it was not a full-time, take-the-position-away-from-somebody-else kind of deal.

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That's close enough. It was sort of an "Artistic Associate" position that Mr. Joffrey had been trying to develop before his death in 1987. Ali McGraw was being considered for it once upon a time. It's still vacant, and I think, was offered knowing full well that she'd decline.

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