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Balanchine TV documentary 1/14

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I just received the following information in an e-mail from PNB lecturer Doug Fullington:

Dear friends,

I want to bring to your attention an important documentary program about George Balanchine that will air on public television. This 2-hour documentary was made shortly after Balanchine's death in 1983 and features many excerpts from his ballets and other footage relating to his life and career. It is broadcast again nationally in observance of Balanchine's centenary, with thanks in part to Barbara Horgan, Balanchine's long-time personal assistant and now Trustee of The George Balanchine Trust.

The following information is from The George Balanchine Foundation website at www.balanchine.org. You can view local [seattle] airing details at http://www.kcts.org/SeriesSchedule.asp?N1=AMMS&ch=9.

* * * * *

George Balanchine Television Documentary – American Masters Balanchine

American Masters is produced for PBS by Thirteen/WNET New York - Airing January 14, 2004

(The documentary was aired originally in 1984 on PBS, and on BBC (Europe) in 1985).

A two-part documentary, made soon after Balanchine’s death, focusing on his life and work. Included is extensive footage of Balanchine and generous excerpts from many of his ballets.

Further information:

Lance Spirto – 212-560-2986


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Little note....

If you click on the link above for amazon.com, through the BA site, the site gets a tiny portion of sales.

This DVD is available for pre-order through Amazon, $25.46. Nice Valentine's Day present and healthier than candy!!! Of course, there is no rule that one cannot include candy as well..... :innocent:

your friendly BA Personal Shopper,


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Guest Daniella64

I loved the documentary so much I called PBS and bought a copy, it should be in the mail any day now. I don't have the number anymore but you can check the website - www.pbs.org i believe. :thumbsup:


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