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2003 in Dance, San Francisco

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For San Francisco Ballet, I think that major highlights of the year includes the company's new production of Don Quixote. Many parts of it were just breathtaking. Watching Joan Broada and Lorena Feijoo dance the lead roles was spectacular.

I also especially enjoyed Elite Syncopations for the comic relief of the season. The program of all new choreography was also a really nice program.

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I completely agree with Lillianna! So much so that we have purchased tickets to see Don Quixote and Elite Synchopations AGAIN! :yes: :P

I also loved Jewels...especially Diamonds. The costumes, dancing and set designs were breathtaking. My daughters favorite dancer is Yuan Yuan Tan, so of course ANY ballet that she is in becomes my daughters favorite. :wink:

We are looking forward to next season. Our first tickets are for February 8th, the day after the SFB's SI audition. My daughter will be inspired!

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The Joffrey's return to the Bay Area with the Ballet Russe program was a highlight for me. Also the Kirov's performances in Berkeley were also a highlight.

I thought the SFB new works program was particularly strong. Muriel Maffree's send-up of the Dying Swan was definitely noteworthy.

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