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Lack of Ballet on "Breakfast with the Arts" on A&E

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Has anyone else noticed? I logged on to the BWTA "discussions" on the A&E web site to see what was up - and there was a post by Elliott Forrest asking how everybody liked the new "diversity programming"

Well, I like diversity just fine, but if their definition of 'diversity' means 'no ballet' then I don't like it at all. Thoughts?

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Two of the last few weeks I turned on the main spotlight was on a rock band - alternative and brainy rock bands, but still something that you can already see on mtv2 etc... "Breakfast with the Arts" was supposed to be the last vestige of "The Arts" on what was once called the "Arts and Entertainment Channel." Now that Bravo has ceased to be an arts channel, this one two-hour show was the last bit of culture on regular cable TV and now they want to "diversify."

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How can they call the new programming "diverse" if it is more and more like all the rest -- E! Channel, etc? :shrug: If they want true diversity, that would mean bucking the tide, creating a niche audience (isn't that what cable/satellite was supposed to be about?), and drawing a select, highly desirable viewership. Dumbing down the programming here makes absolutely no sense to me. :)

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I noted Mr. Forrest was quick to reply to the "loved the NRBQ, when will it be re-broadcast" message, but so far no response to the dissent regarding their diversity programming, or the "Ballet" topic. Although I realize replies from "Eliot Forrest" are probably posted by staff or even a 'bot'. Still, some response to the discussion (whether "Eliot Forrest" or some other BWTA staffer) would be nice. Due to a household felled by the flu we were not able to attend any 'Nut performances this season. It sure would've been nice to watch a new, or even 'new to me' production of the ballet on BWTA this Christmas (as they usually program) - from the couch, with juice and tissues at hand.

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I sent a snail mail letter to A&E's Programming Director (Peter Tarshis) in the belief that they pay more attention when someone takes the time to do it that way. At least, that's what a couple TV producers I have some contact with have stated. I also remember reading somewhere that Oprah Winfrey had said that she doesn't pay much attention to emails or email discussions but will more seriously consider a standard letter because of the effort put into it.

But then I also emailed Elliot Forrest, the host of Breakfast with the Arts. :) Don't know how much input the host might have but figured it was worth the try anyhow.

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:lol: Wow....I got a reply from BWTA about the lack of dance programing! It says:

" You are correct. There was no dance this season. We lost the rights to our

wonderful Nutcracker from the Royal Swedish Opera Ballet. We have just

acquired some new dance programs and I hope to have some on the air by

March. We all miss the dance, but it is hard to find good dance


John T. Bence

I am glad to get the response sent to me........


But :crying: at the state of affairs over at A&E.......

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That's great to get a response.

But I'd disagree that it's hard to find good programming. Even if a station is not going to produce its own shows [such as PBS does with Dance in America does], there is a lot of dance being shown on channels in Europe (England, France, Russia, Italy) and in Canada. Programs already shown in other countries could be bought. Personally, I didn't like the Swedish Nutcracker shown on A&E. But it's good to know they'll be something going on in March.

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Alas, no dance :shrug:, but it seems that "someone" has complained loudly to A&E, and BWTA's program for this week is veering back from the middle of the road. :) This week will feature opera singers, including La Callas.  :flowers:

My guess would be that the most recent program, as well as the rest of the season, was set long before the current spate of complaints reached A&E's ears.

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