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Canadian Ballet Theater NUTCRACKER


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I have just come back from the very first performance of Nutcracker at the Canadian Ballet Theater (CBT) with participation of two Bolshoy Ballet principals - Dmitriy Gudanov and Elena Andrienko.

Usually it takes a couple of days for me to have things settle in my mind and produce a readible outcome, so at this point I just wanted to express my total delight and greatfulness to the producers of this Nutcracker.

I've seen about 20 of them (laughably too many for some, and laughably too few - to others) in my life so far, and it is a certain way of a ballet i'm used to - i was prepared to see something quite different from what is dear to my heart but to my great JOY and SURPRISE that performance was SO CLOSE to what is done in Almaty (that is to sound more descriptive is the version of Mariinsky/Kirov - Petipa choreography) !!! Of course, it was not an identical mirror image - but some choreography moves were exactly the same - which touched my heart deeply and emotionally, it is like hearing a song in you native language being away from your dear precious friends :crying:

It was the same atmosphere and feeling of magic, beauty and that nervousness (or calmness) - of those young dancers who are to perform on stage for the first time in their life :sweating: :sweating: :sweating: . That is - as i wrote last winter about the Nutcrackers in Almaty - for me personally is the most precious thing about Nutcracker: to see those beautiful buds to tremble and open delicately (or stay half-open - still delicately) for us to see and admire their fresh beauty and fragrance of youth.

So, I've rejoyced and cried (yes, for the first time at the ballet performance i couldn't actually fight my tears) -seeing that beautiful performance!! :)

More verbal and descriptive post is to come within a couple of days!


My Christmas is already here - thanks to Marga and effort of all the wonderful team of CBT!!!

I am sure that more delighted notes about that performance won't take long to appear on this site! :wub::wub:

PS Drosselmeir's feet were to die for - a subject of envy for many girls even! :FIREdevil:

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