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"Nutcracker." 12/18/2003

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Yikes, as I arrived last evening at NYCB, I saw that dreaded white slip. Miranda Weese was to dance, but is injured, and Jennie Soymogi took over and was great as was Janie Taylor.BALLET ALERT arrived yesterday and accompanied me on my commute. A great issue as always with a most timely note about diminishing "Nutcracker" audiences. Many empty seats everywhere last night.

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I have been to 3 NUTS and there were empty seats although the "money seats" (orchestra & 1st Ring) seemed pretty well-filled. Didn't they raise prices this year? Also it seemed there were fewer "off-peak" (lower priced) dates than in previous winters. Hopefully NYCB won't do what the Met has done, raise prices to a level where lots of people who would like to go simply can't afford it. The Met then had to resort to offering student discounts to help fill up the house. But...what if you're not a student??

The amazing thing, really, is that 4th Ring Society seats remain $12 and the membership only $15. For me, this is a huge bargain. But I wouldn't complain if the seats were raised a bit...they are less than 1/2 price as it is.

Sorry to hear about Miranda, saw her in both parts (SPF & DD) and she was at peak form. Hope it's just the sniffles or something...

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