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Dance forums for dances OTHER than ballet?

Guest dima

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Try dancenyc.org, they may have a forum or one of the dance publications such as Dance Magazine or Dance Spirit. Or better yet, post ideas, questions, comments here and let's try to make this an active part of the board.

What have you seen recently that moved you or interested you?

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If I may say so, that sounds like a wonderful idea. This forum seems steeped with information and support for the ballet world but, alas, my DD is involved with all types of dance. :devil: My ballet type questions are answered to my satisfaction but I can find no where on the net to obtain the same results for tap, jazz, competitions etc. :wub:

What have I seen that has moved me or interested me? I am not certain what you mean. :shrug:

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dima, I think liebs took your question to be about having a place to post about dance peformances you're seeing -- this part of the board is for DANCE WATCHERS.

As far as questions for students go, you might want to try www.danceart.net They have boards for all types of dance.

We want to keep the focus of our technical sections on ballet. The purpose of that part of the site was to provide support for students of classical ballet.

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