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Company roster 03-04


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From the company:


Artistic Director: Roy Kaiser Executive Director: Michael Scolamiero

Ballet Master: Jeffrey Gribler PA Ballet II Director: William DeGregory

Ballet Mistress: Tamara Hadley Music Director: Beatrice Jona Affron


2003-2004 SEASON

PRINCIPALS Amy Aldridge Alexei Borovik

Dede Barfield Alexander Iziliaev

Martha Chamberlain David Krensing

Arantxa Ochoa

SOLOISTS Valerie Amiss James Ady

Tara Keating Edward Cieslak

Riolama Lorenzo James Ihde

Meredith Rainey

CORPS de BALLET Laura Bowman Thomas Baltrushunas

Natalia Charova Alexei Charov

Christine Cox Philip Colucci

Heidi Cruz Brian Debes

Charity Eagens Yosbel Delgado

Ashley Flood Jamar Goodman

Jennifer Gall Neil Marshall

Jessica Gattinella Matthew Neenan

Meredith Reffner Juan Carlos Penuela

Hawley Rowe Jonathan Stiles

Jennifer Smith

Emily Waters

APPRENTICES Elysia Lichtine Michael Patterson

Elaine Matthews André Vytoptov

Barette Vance

Gabriella Yudenich

PA BALLET II Rebecca Azenberg Michel Antoine Braun

Victoria Gates Jermel Johnson

Abigail Mentzer Keith Mearns

Sandra Williams

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I think that's the eventual goal of the program- for the moment, my understanding is that Pennsylvania Ballet II does a lot of school performances (lecture-demos, that sort of thing.) I don't know if they have their own shows open to the public or not, though I think they perform at the Kimmel Center in festivals and things like that. I know that they've revived some old choreography for the group, stuff that the main company has not performed in many years, but I don't think they've had anything new created for them in the way that the ABT studio company has. They (PA Ballet II) also dance in the main company's Nutcracker and other ballets requiring large casts- does the ABT studio company appear in ABT productions? I would imagine they probably do.

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