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I remember Swan Lake Minnesota, thought it was very funny. I think we might have a tape of it, but if so we probably taped it off the broadcast, didn't purchase it. Sometimes a humorous interpretation of a classic works, and sometimes it doesn't. I thought this worked. On the other hand, I once saw an attempt at a humorous Nutcrakcer takeoff that I found offensive, though I have enjoyed Morris' Hard Nut very much.

I know some ballet fans who are horrified at the concept of poking fun at the classics and won't even give them a look. So part of the enjoyment depends on your point of view.

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I actually had the chance to take a class with Loyce Holton quite a while ago. A friend of mine was dancing in her school and I attended a class. Ms Holton wore white canvas tennis shoes adorned with sequins and other decorations. I also saw her production of the nutcracker but I wasn't overly impressed with the interpretation.

I live and dance in Minnesota, I'd be interested in what you find about this.

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Here is what my hubby has to say:

"I'd guess that the best bet for finding a tape, if one exists, is the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, or perhaps KTCA, PBS in the Twin Cities.  I *think* it may have been done in association with "Alive from Off Center," the KTCA/Walker avant garde arts series."

If requested, he can check with a friend who worked at the Walker at that time.

He adds

"I doubt, BTW, that it was at all anti-ballet, since it would have been acquired

for PBS by a person who is a close friend of Mikhail and impressario of arts at the Walker before PBS..."

and who, he tells me, now works for White Oak.
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Thanks, I'll check the indices and catalogues for the places suggested and also the U of Minn library. As I recall it, I didn't think I was going to like it, for the reason cited by Alexandra, but when I saw it, it was pretty affectionate and funny. Swan-maidens standing in cow stanchions, however, might suggest otherwise.

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I recommend checking with the Dance Films Association. They have a searchable database.

The database is the most comprehensive list of dance films and videos in current distribution in the U.S., and includes videos in circulation around the world.

Dance On Camera database

I checked, but unfortunately came up with nothing. I still suggest contacting them, if it's available, they might have a clue. I can't imagine it doesn't exist in the NYPL's Dance Division collection... in fact, here it is: NYPL catalog search for Swan Lake Minnesota Interesting, it was produced by the late Joseph Papp! If all else fails, perhaps someone at teh Public Theater or NY Sheakespeare Festival would have some leads on how to contact his wife who presumably would have the rights?

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I am currently working on Carol Flaig's archive of the Pilots Club Dance Troupe. I see that there was a discussion of Swan Lake, MN on this forum back in 2003. I was wondering if any of you could help me track down video of the performance that was at the Cedar Theater October 22-24, 1978.



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