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Li Cunxin


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There's an interview by Jane Simpson on ballet.co this month with Li Cunxin on the occasion of his new book, an autobiography, "Mao's Last Dancer." The book won't be out in America for several months, according to Amazon.

Li Cunxin interview

From the real-life Nureyev to the fictional Billy Elliott, these days we're all familiar with the legend of the boy who falls in love with ballet and fights his way through to become a dancer. Well, Li Cunxin's story isn't at all like that: in fact it's quite the opposite. This is the tale of a boy sitting quietly in his primary school in a remote area of China, knowing almost nothing and caring less about ballet, when a couple of visitors walk in, pick out one of the girls and say 'You: you're going to be a dancer'. And just as they're leaving, the teacher points at Li and says 'Why don't you try him as well?' - and Li begins a journey which takes him via years of hard work, defection to the West, and stardom in America to the present day, when he lives in Melbourne, an Australian citizen and a successful stockbroker, with an Australian wife and three children and an autobiography which has been in the bestseller lists for the last ten weeks.
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Cunxin also gave the Peggy van Praagh Memorial Address at the Body Talk conference in Melbourne last October -- a part of the text is in the latest edition of AudDance National Forum and the full text will be on their website soon. In his speech he talks about his early training in China.


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Yes, Victoria, Ivan Nagy was the director of the company at that time. I saw the company when they came to Montevideo (I saw Raymonda grand pas), with Sara Nieto as prima ballerina (she is an Uruguayan). I seem to recall Li Cunxin was somewhere in the cast.


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I'm from Australia, where the book has been out since around September (I believe). I only recently got the book as an early christmas present, and it has to be one of the best dance autobiographies (sp) I've ever read. It's worth getting if you can. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did :D

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