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RB Mixed Bill

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Has anyone else seen the mixed bill at ROH?

'Gong' chor. Mark Morris

'Proverb' chor. William Tuckett

'Broken Fall' chor. Russell Meliphant

'Qualia' chor. Wayne McGregor

Having seen Gong before (and throughly disliking it!) i was pleasently surprised to enjoy its rather 'interesting' costume and wide use of dance movement vocabulary! The mens costume were quite plain but were accented with gold hoop earings (which in my mind made them look like dancers from 'corsaire gone wrong') I felt it to be generally cleaner performance than last time i saw it, and with no grumpy looking principles dancing soloist roles everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves- which was nice! :wink:

Proverb, was an interesting dance exploration, performed well by Zenaida Yanowsky and Adam Cooper. Tuckett's piece explored how a couple survive after the initial euphoria has worn off. This was initially was shown when the light came up with Yanowsky and Cooper in an embrace, on the right hand side of the stage were two single beds (which immediatly conjured ideas of long term relationships). Having read the programme on the tube on the way home the ideas and principle of the piece were clarified, however before this i had 3 quite diferent ideas about the 'meaning' behind the piece! :rolleyes:

Broken Fall, I really don't have much to say about this piece, (as Thumper's father says "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!"), all i really can say is: "CRITICAL MASS: Pas de Trois!!" Predictable, boring etc........ i'm probably going to make a few enamies from these comments because it was the audience's favorite and it's had great reviews but Broken Fall really rubbed me the wrong way.

Last, but not least, Qualia. I was really interesting to see, Edward Watson doing the type of movemnts his body was degined for (like a guillem who i feel come in to her own in In The Middle, Some What Elevated!). The piece overall was hard and fast- just the way i like it! Lots of interesting motifs, which developed, in to a frenzy of maddess on stage..................

A great evening, wonderful dancers and choreography- perfect for me.........

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