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Nice Balanchine photo in this week's NYer

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There's a very short Joan Acocella column on planned Balanchine centenial events but a gorgeous Cecil Beaton photo of Balanchine (1952) from Sotheby's Picture Library in this week's New Yorker magazine (December 8, 2003). Just his face.

Page 102.

Thought some of you might enjoy the "heads up". Wish I could provide a link!

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It is a FANTASTIC photo -- by Cecil Beaton, It has incredible lighting, He's in a noble pose, in 3/8 profile so the downstage cheekbone gets reflected light.

It's impossible to say what he's thinking, but hte picture somehow makes you very aware of the powers of his mind.

He's opening a glass box, and his left hand is in hte picture -- WHAT a beautiful hand, it looks like Nijinsky's in Les Sylphides.

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