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Onegin in Stockholm

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This seems to be a more or less dead forum...

Anyway, I want to tell I was in Stockholm on November 8 to see the Swedish Royal Ballet in Onegin. Cranko's ballet is back after 13 years, still with Jürgen Rose's fantastic sets and costumes. The old sets was impossible to use since toxic paint made them dangerous to handle, so new exact copies have been made instead and with Rose's permission (the first theatre being allowed to do so). The beautiful music, sets and costumes are reason enough to see this ballet. The dancers I saw (Jenny Nilsson, Brendan Collins, Alexandra Kastrinos, Sebastian Michanek), 3rd cast I believe, were not of the high standard I am used to in Copenhagen. There will probably be a big uplift when on December 9 and 11 Caroline Cavallo and Jean-Lucien Massot from RDB are invited to guest as Tatiana and Onegin. Hopefully someone will report about that. Maybe Susanne ;-)

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Well Jörgen, somehow - with the help of Susanne - we must get some life into this forum.

Daughter Eva cannot concentrate on her studies or sleep or eat or whatever, until she knows exactly what you thought of her former classmate (and neighbour)Sebastian Michanek. He has won some prizes, is he good, is he That good?

What was your opinion? Honest now!

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Pamela, unfortunately it doesn't seem as Sebastian Michanek will be in the cast the 9th of December.

The cast is as follows:

Onegin Jean-Lucien Massot

  Tatjana Caroline Cavallo

  Lenskij Oscar Salomonsson

  Olga Nelli Korpela

  Gremin Christian Rambe

  Larina Ylva Helander

  Amman Kate Lind af Hageby

I have seen him dance a couple of times though. In The Sleeping Beauty, "light and shadow" and in Don Quixote. I don't consider myself knowledgeble enough to make any statement about his abilities though :unsure:.

Why don't Eva just take the train to Stockholm and watch Sebastian Michanek by herself? I'm sure she is the better one to make the judgement than I. :wink:

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Will Massot be able to dance Onegin on the 9Th. He is on the injury list in Copenhagen, but maybee he is recoverd by the 9th. I am envious of the Rose decor. We had a bad Finnish decor and costumes last time around. Luckyly It was leased and nought bought. RDB has a full set of Rose costumes but not the decor

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It was a lovely performance!!! I'm in seventh heaven right now! It was without doubt the best ballet I've seen so far! (Not that I've seen that many ballets though :) )

I thought that Massot fitted in the role perfectly. He had the technique as well as the character.

I was a little bit dissapointed with our Lenskij (Oscar Salomonsson) though. He seemed sloppy in some way...maybe it was just the goofy hair and clothes :rolleyes:

But Nathalie Nordquist was just wonderful as the joyful Olga! She definitely had the childish joyfulness and innocense. (For those of you who don't know who she is: She is a rather young soloist with the company. She did Odette/Odile in the DVD-production of Sir Peter Wright's Swan Lake in cooperation with BBC)

Caroline Cavallo...hmmm I don't know. I thought she was wonderful in the last scene, but she didn't make any deeper impression on me in the first part of the ballet. She seems to have a very good technique with alot confidence though.

Please note: I don't have much experience in watching ballet :) these were just my impressions! I am definitely going to see it once again, if it isn't sold out!

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that the coreography was just in my taste. With a nice mix of humour and drama. The steps were very much alive as well!

Edit2: And yes, the decor was lovely! The colours and the settings of them, WOW! The costumes were marwellous as well!

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