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Symphony in C: Ballet of the Week #2

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Symphony in C is like Hamlet, there's no performance I've seen that was so bad I couldn't find something to enjoy in it. Both works are so rich. Last night, I especially noticed how movement motifs keep reappearing in various parts of the ballet and the way that the corps frames the action. The corps's arm movements enhance the action of the soloists and principals rather than distracting from it.

I've seen many dancers in the 2nd movement and prefer those who seem to create an intimate fantasy world that drraws us in. From what I've seen on tape, Kent did that very well as did Farrell. Ashley was more forthright and Whelan used to be very strict in the role, in recent seasons though her performances have been magical. I think Arlene Croce called it, "the most privledged role in the repertoire," and it will be interesting to see some one like Sylve in the role. Asanelli has the fantasy for the part but with her weaker turn out, it may not be the best role for her.

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