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We land in NY for 3 nights on 17th December and would love to catch a performance of the Nut. But the website indicates that it's a bit of a lottery on getting tickets so I would like some advice on the best way to get some! We are on a budget so would be looking at Fourth Ring, although we might be able to stretch to Third if the exchange rate keeps going in the right direction!!

Thanks in advance!


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Definately buy tickets sooner rather than later. The third ring is not very big, so tickets there are likely to go quickly. Fourth ring seats are not bad, but I second the advice on the binoculars.

Also, when you order online, it sometimes works to make requests in the suggestions box on the form. In the past I've asked that I be placed farther towards the center, even if it means being a few rows farther back and had my request filled. But, just about any seat in the 4th ring has a good view, if from a distance!

Oh, the ticket availability page is not always very accurate. If it indicates that tickets are sold-out you won't be able to buy them online, but you can often get tickets at the box office. Also, there's a glitch in the system so that the 4th ring L-O seats are always indicated as "limited availability" unless they are totally sold out.

I seem to remember someone posting that they got a good deal on Nutcracker tickets at Playbill.com (??), but that may have been for very late season tickets that the company was having a harder time selling.


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