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Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker

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Does anyone who's seen this care to comment on the choreography and the interoplated theme of peace and harmony? How is that theme displayed? Who or what replaces the Sugar Plum Fairy dramatically?

Also, I understand that otherwise Moscow's version is modeled on Vainonen's. How much of an influence has his version had? Is Clara "Masha" in other Russian versions of the ballet, or is that name particular to Moscow Ballet's production?


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Masha is the name of most Russian leads in Nutz these days, after the Socialist Realism movement tried to make sense out of the libretto. (Bad Idea) In most post-Soviet versions, she takes the material done by the Sugar Plum Fairy. The Realism movements changed the focus from Clara to Marianne, the libretto's original older sister or cousin role.

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