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With my favorite recent Lilac Fairies (K. Tracey & Meunier) gone, who is likely to be cast in that role in the coming 2-week stint? I'd like to see Pascale van Kipnis.

Also, Helene was always ideal as the glamourous Carabosse. Who should wield the magic needle in the coming revival?

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Abergel, yes. Rutherford is lovely but I think of her more as an Aurora than a Lilac. Carla Korbes is a dancer I really love but some people don't like her in a short tutu.

Jennifer Tinsley might be an interesting Carabosse...she is hardly ever used, I'm not sure why.

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Oh, what the heck....

Albert Evans as Carabosse.

It's a great great fantastic idea, and there's certainly a tradition for it. In fact, why not give over the entire role to the men? Robert La Rosse would be fabulous, too, and I think Ask LeCoeur would be beyond divine. (It's the Von Rothbart role, with better accessories.) Alternatively, they could invite back a series of fabulous brunettes--Merrill Ashley, Lourdes Lopez, Helene Alexopolous. (Then it's the Merry Widow role.)

And I agree, Kyra would have a lot of fun with it. You know who would be excellent? Peter Martins. He should do Carabosse

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I would like to see Maria Kowroski as Lilac. It is a danseuse noble role and that is Maria's type. The Lilac Fairy, as much as Aurora, is the heroine of Beauty -- The metaphysical heroine one might say. Being the benevolent character who counterbalances (and counteracts) Carabosse and makes sure that things go right at each critical moment. (Transforming the curse into sleep; showing Florimund the Vision; leading him to the Beauty to awake her; presiding over the wedding).

The role is all arms, porte de bras, noble presence, and above all the ability to hold the stage and radiate benevolent power. (Perhaps she must also steer a boat?) Maria would be right for the ballet and the role would also tend to continue her development. Let her be her true type instead of a comedienne trapped in a danseuse noble's body. I would in particular like to see her placement come slightly more forward in this, particularly in the upper body, see the chest lifted slightly more. And the sheer presence developed.

I love Nanatchka's suggestion that Peter Martins be cast in travesti as Carabosse.

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Kowroski would be fine as Lilac but she needs to stop breaking her wrists, esp. the right one. It is the one flaw in her dancing that bugs me.

Ansanelli, Taylor & Somogyi would all be fine Auroras...and maybe Abi Stafford...she is one of the few who would look 15 years old. In the last year I've noticed her strength and stamina are rising and she's developing her stage personality. I find her offbeat attractiveness appealing. I've lost interest in Ashley Bouder.

Lindy Mandradjieff to me has the pesonality for Lilac, and Carrie Lee Riggins would be a striking Carabosse.

I don't really like Carabosse danced by a man...the idea of using a beautiful woman in the role instead of an old hag or a drag queen is one of the most ineresting aspects of NYCB's production.

Yes, SB is very much the Lilac Fairy's ballet...her benign power should be felt throughout.

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Wendy Whelan is a dancer I want to see in EVERY role in EVERY ballet. After seeing her SONNAMBULA I am dying to see her GISELLE.

If she alternates Aurora, Lilac, Carabosse, Finger Fairy & the Queen I would go every night!! And she could do it, too...

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