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Bolshoi in Almaty

Guest A local foreigner in Almaty

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Guest A local foreigner in Almaty

:gossip: November 19th. : :gossip:

:rolleyes: "The ballet stars of Bolshoi Theatre with vivid program" :rolleyes: .

More info : Republic Palace at 19:00, ticket costs are 1000-5000 tenge, Tel: 91-55-23

Sorryr, but don't have details of the programm. Will inform on outcome on Wednsday .


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Privet Local Foreigner in Almaty! :D

Sorry I didn't keep in touch for a while. SO HOW WAS BOLSHOY (or, to be precise, bits and pieces of Bolshoy Ballet brought to Almaty)?

I've spent some time on the phone with Dastan and Kuralay lately - getting updates on the latest performances.

So, I already know that mega-star Nickolay Tsiskaridze didn't come to Almaty, as he supposedly had some injury while touring in Europe.

However, young dancer Gudanov seemed to take everybody's hearts. :wub:

So, please share your impressions about Bolshoy Ballet's tour to Almaty!

Can't wait to hear from the immediate frequenter of the Performance!


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Guest A local foreigner in Almaty

Privjet Marina,

Yes indeed, it were 'bits and pieces' from the bolshoy. So, if I start with this, I suppose you got my main point already.

I must admit, technically, these guys are pro's indeed. Some parts of classical ballet and some of modern.

Modern :( ! Another new thing for me. But ok, the general picture was more than ok.

The taped music was a big minor to me (I'm afraid I start getting spoiled by that Abay Theathre :wink: ).

They Nickolay guy didn't show up indeed, but to me that was not a problem, since the whole experience of an evening of bits and pieces was new to me.

I think, sorry not I think but, Now I know that a concert, as they call it is not my part of the game really.

It looks I still need a full story to be performed, with same caracters, and a line that I can follow during the whole performance. Maybe this will change after time, but for the moment that's how I see it.

The mere fact that some pro's come to do 'their thing' on stage one after the other, brings the whole idea down to technical matters. Surely, without any doubt these guys are pro's, and obviously they should get more respect from me, but than again, maybe too pro for me. :shrug:

I like more the whole concept of a complete performance. Nice decors, an easy going story, live good music etc. :)

But not to make this too personal impression, yes indeed, everybody who was there and KNOWS about ballet ( :wink: ) was very excited about the whole thing. Apparently it was a nice happening. And that young dancer you mentionned, he really was the popular guy of the evening ! :rolleyes:

But so for me, let me stick to my Selphide this Friday or a Sleeping beauty next month :P These easy-going stories make the whole thing more understandable for me :D

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Guest A local foreigner in Almaty

Dear Marc,

honestly, I'm no big specialist in ballet yet :wink:

But I'll check with some people during the weekend. Will try to give you the names on Thuesday morning.

Grts B)

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