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2003 Winter Gala and 1st week Nut. casting


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I am too! It always used to irk me to sit there in the State Theatre and look at Irina and Paloma program after program after program. I'll be happy to see some of the NYCB dancers there...and if the dancers get a decent cut from the ads, I am happy. ( Of course, some of them have agents who see to it that they are in and on everything...naming no names, of course..... :rolleyes:)

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Try ---->this. It will take you to the synopsis on NYCB's website.

Each member of the central couple is attended by four members of the same sex, who assist in undressing the bridal couple. My guesstimate as to length: about a half hour.

While I think this was probably a major, barrier breaker in its day, and while I have seen Allegra in it to magical effect, I bemoan its many offspring that explore eroticism while relegating the woman to passivity.

This may not be fair, because I haven't seen the ballet in quite a few years (since Heather, I believe), but the original cast seemed able to dance it with a tension between competing tenderness and brutality. I haven't seen that from later casts. But I usually enjoy the slow "ritual" opening of the ballet. Very purifying.

Yes, it is an odd piece for an opening night gala.

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I never fully appreciated "Bugaku" until seeing the San Francisco Ballet dance it -- with Yuan Yuan Tan in the central role. Hers was a different type of passivity -- not subservient, but regal, the way a medieval Japanese princess would most likely have been. She managed to remain an individual -- she definitely knew her place in that society and she accepted it. But I didn't feel sorry for her.

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"...does NYCB annual sponsorship preclude Movado from giving to other...."

Movado's sponsorship for NYCB doesn't exclude other companies.

re Violette Verdy at Rock School, PA -

Violette has been their Artistic Advisor for at least as far back as 2001.

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As to promotions at NYCB....Promotions are often announced in the spring, but there doesn't seem to be any set schedule as to when promotes are announced. I'm sure there are many factors which dictate the scheduling of promotions.

Without slipping into conjecture and rumors, my impression is that the general feeling is that NYCB may be waiting for the upcoming Balanchine Centennial season to make announcements about promotions and possibly some departures. I would think they'd promote some of the talented men out of the corps to soloist, at the very least.

I don't know the details of the Movado contract, but it's quite possible that the terms of the contract set limits on how the funds can be used. Thus, NYCB may not be able to use the funds for dancer salaries.

In any case, the Movado funds are probably unlikely to have any direct effect on promotions. A company might be hesitant to promote if they are on shaky financial ground, but NYCB hardly falls into that category. And there hasn't been any drop off in promotions in recent years-only this past spring, which could easily be a result of the special nature of the upcoming season.

I eagerly await reports on opening night and the various Nuts from all of ya'll!! Not much ballet here until next year, though they did just announce that the Edinburgh Festival will include a Tudor retrospective (no companies for the Tudor ballets yet announced). I'm still hoping that they might have some Balanchine (or Ashton).


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