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Vladimir Ponomarev

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I've added a page with photos and short (very short!) biography of Vladimir Ponomarev, principal character artist and one of the veterans of the Kirov Ballet. Definitely one of the most overlooked artists in the company (well OK, he doesn't dance, he is "only" a mime :wink: ), in so far that one still reads in reviews he is only a member of the corps de ballet. In any case an artist without whom most of the story-ballets in the Kirov repertory would look quite different.

Thank you for looking. All comments are welcomed! For Ballet Lovers Only

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I havene't had time to check this until now, but the photos are striking.

They really show his range -- thank you! The only thing I've seen Ponomarev do is the King in Sleeping Beauty -- I couldn't take my eyes off his hands!

To be fair to American reviewers, Marc, I think in DC he (and the other character princpals) were listed in the corps -- or in Artists of the Kirov Ballet.

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We saw Ponomarev in La Bayadere in Hollywood and in Scherazade in OC. The Kirov would not be the same without him. He totally WAS the High Brahmin and I can't even imagine anyone else doing it so well. His hands are amazing to watch, but I was equally intrigued by the anguish he expressed in his body language and on his face when Nikiya rejected him.

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