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Hallowe'en Party

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We haven't had a silly topic in awhile. I did the Hallowe'en Party a few years ago, but I think it's one of the posts that got sucked into the Great Beyond.

There's this Virtual Hallowe'en Party. Everyone is invited, and asked to come as a figure -- person, role, character -- from ballet. Who will you be? (Answer with costume possibilities more than merely personal favorites in mind, please :) )

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Oh, this is a virtual party, so you can come as any age or gender you want. I'd thought of having a special Mardi Gras party for cross-dressing, though, so you might want to save it for that, djb.

Mme. Hermine, Madge is perfect -- the seasonal ballet character! And you can have first dibs on the fortune telling concession!!

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Either the Bluebird from Sleeping Beauty or the Savage from Excelsior...probably the Bluebird. That Savage costume is so revealing.

Editing to say: Even better--I'm coming as Erasmus the Troll from Barbie Swan Lake! :) Well it was that or the talking porcupine...

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This isn't a ballet role. It's just that I always wanted to be Supergirl. Our university is in a city that treats Halloween VERY seriously. So much so, that our annual concert runs this week Thursday, Saturday and Sunday -- off Friday night!

On the last day before Halloween, we come to class in costume. Last year, I finally came as Supergirl. It's amazing to go across the floor in a cape! Jete, jete, wheeeee! :)

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Hmmmmph! Mme. Hermine, you took my choice! :angry: ::stamping feet:: ::beating fists:: So if I Madge is taken, I'll be Carabosse. And since I'm Carabosse, I'll insist on a full retinue of rats. And skirts with lots of black silk to toss around menacingly.

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Mel has just volunteered to spend the entire evening under the floorboards, peering up at women's skirts, looking for a string to yank, but that's okay.

Tough job, but . . .

Alexandra, I am getting into the Carabosse mode! But, Mme. Hermine, if I do decide to be Madge, I think I'll be Shelley Washington's Madge.

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Auditions for rats and svangirls Thursday, noon.

I can't come then, but I'll make a poster and put it on the bulletin board here :lol:

If anyone else wants a retinue, the Mouse King and Lilac Fairy are still available!

Hans, the Talking Porcupine has decided potential.....

Maybe, but does it count as a ballet costume? :lol:

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More Balanchine to the rescue...I'd like to come as the Mistress of Ceremonies from Cotillon and get to wear that divine dress with the bat wings. But at Midnight, I'd morph into the ballerina in "The Hand of Fate" - another with a fabulous gown. That party was not innocent, it could have been a Halloween soirée.

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I come as Firebird, of course. My colours and I get to do the great makeup!

That is for cocktails.

For dinner, I get to change to the wonderful black and cream Karinska costume from La Valse.

After dinner, for champagne and dancing, it's the Vienna Waltzes gown, of course.

Certainly you don't expect me to confine myself to *one* change of clothes for an entire evening?

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