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Pavlenko is triumphant at Covent Garden!

Guest KBfan

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This morning I came across this rave review by Clement Crisp, the London Financial Times dance critic, dated October 28, 2003. :ermm:

"With Darcy Bussell on maternity leave, the Royal Ballet has taken the excellent

decision to invite Daria Pavlenko from the Kirov Ballet to replace her in

La Bayadere. What Pavlenko brings to the role of Nikiya is entire understanding.

La Bayadere is in her bones, its manner as much part of her identity

as MacMillan's choreography is the grain in Bussell's art.

Pavlenko knows, and showed perfectly at her debut in the Royal Ballet staging

Tuesday night, how the machinery of the role - its drama; its dance splendours -

can take a ballerina, and the ballet, to glory. She has an emotional veracity that

never bursts the bounds of style; she has an academic grace that, in those

sublimities which come with the Shades scene, illuminates the central matter of the

dance - Nikiya's luminous beauty and her all-forgiving love for Solor. 'Remember

your vow' she breathes to him, poised in arabesque as he kneels by her. 'Be true

to me.' All this Pavlenko offered with loveliest clarity, the dance clear and beautiful."

[NOTE: Quote trimmed by Leigh Witchel - please note the board's policy on quoting and copyright - http://balletalert.ipbhost.com/index.php?s...?showtopic=6261 ]


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Well, I'm waiting patiently...has no-one seen Daria ? :wink:

So far, I've found confort in the reviews of C.Crisp (F.T.) and Ism.Brown (The Telegraph) !

Wow, while reading that, I could beat myself for not travelling to London.

It's obvious that she's at a key-point in her career and no-one in London can comment on her performances ? Spotting a real ballerina isn't that difficult :wacko:

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