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Kirov in Orange County

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I'm just now realizing I don't have the cast list with me as I write this. Sorry about that. They presented Jewels. Overall, I'd give them 3 out of 4 stars. The dancers were lovely, young (is this the full company or the young dancers sprinkled with a few soloists?), well-trained but not particularly exciting. I've seen the Stuttgart Ballet and San Francisco Ballet recently and they are definitely exciting companies to watch.

I am not particularly familiar with the production itself of Jewels so maybe you guys can help me out. The costumes were the gorgeous Karinska creations we're all so familiar with: the green, the red, and the white. But while they had a gorgeous green backdrop for Emeralds and an interesting black & red backdrop for Rubies, they used the rubies backdrop again for Diamonds. What's up with that? The video clip I have of Farrell & Martins doing Diamonds has a completely white background for Diamonds. A minor issue, but one I was bugged by.

The dancing for Emeralds was beautiful, Rubies was pyro-technical and done very well (I did not agree with some critic who said that the American style dancing didn't suit the Russians), and the principal pair in Emeralds was fantastic. It is just that when I walked out the front door, I didn't feel like I could turn right around and sit through another performance of Jewels right then and there.

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