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Four different broadcasters will be presenting Houston Grand Opera performances, that is NPR's World of Opera, NYC area WQXR's Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, the European Broadcast Union, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The full press release can be viewed on HGO's website:


The first upcoming broadcast on Saturday, October 18, (on NPR and EBU) is La Traviata featuring Renée Fleming, Paul Charles Clarke, and Bruno Caproni. WQXR listeners will be receiving this November 29 and December 7 for ABC.

I'm very excited about HGO getting all this international radio play time! :thumbsup:

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Thanks -- this is good news. It's nice that NPR is involved -- they've been broadcasting less and less music. It will be great to have more listening options, especially since I'm now reduced to hearing the Met broadcasts on an AM station that I can barely receive.

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Thanks. I actually didn't mean to imply that NPR had been broadcasting the Met and had stopped -- only that the show is hard to find in my neck of the woods.

As for NPR -- I've written, threatened to stop contributing, all that good stuff. Not much luck so far. There was a piece in the Times awhile back that said that NPR had been deliberately cutting back on music programming to make room for more talk, because the latter was more popular with the paying customers -- evidently music lovers complain but don't write checks, a point I do understand. I hope that the late Joan Kroc's largesse frees up some dough for more music.

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