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NYCB - how bad is fourth ring?

Guest LaraF

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Three ways: :unsure: (From least to most expensive)

The "Chinatown" bus ($20 round trip)


Drops off on East Broadway in Chinatown, way down at the bottom of Manhattan - if someone knows the area and can comment on the safety of transferring to the subway, I'd appreciate it!

Take the R7 Septa regional railroad, get off at Trenton NJ and transfer to the Northeast Corridor line of New Jersey Transit (about $26 round trip)



Drops off at Penn Station.

Greyhound/Peter Pan ($40 round trip)



Drops off at the Port Authority bus terminal.

btw, I found a really good online map of Manhattan here:


For sure it's not worth taking Amtrak, though the Accela Express trains are certainly faster. The Septa/NJT trains will probably be about 2 1/2 hours or so while the buses are supposedly 2 hours, but traffic could make that longer.

For going to the Kennedy Center, I'm hoping the new Chinatown Philly-DC route will be convenient. :wink:

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When I lived in NYC, my second home was the 4th Ring, and my favorite seats were the ones in the last row at the far ends, where I could see the stage from an angle. Standing room at the State Theater is behind the last row of the 4th Ring; even so, it's worth standing through the entire NYCB Nutcracker. At the Metropolitan Opera, where ABT's Spring season is held, there is standing room behind the orchestra, which is a great way to see ballet up close.

When I was 14, I had to watch Makarova's and Nagy's performance in Swan Lake through a pair of binoculars, because I had shattered my glasses two hours before the ballet started! I find, though, that I enjoy watching the patterns and the contrast of the principals against the corps unaided.

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As a born-and-raised New Yorker I'll comment on the transportation issue... transfering to the subway from the bus in Chinatown is perfectly safe. There was a period of time about 10-15 years ago when there were safety concens in Chinatown due to the activities of Chinese gangs, but those days are are long past... I spend tons of time in Chinatown at all hours of the day and night. A word of warning though... the Chinatown buses have been "discovered" and have become quite popular (especially with college students on weekends). This means that tickets can sell out fast, and since some of the companies don't have reserved seating for the return trip, you may not be able to get the bus you want for your trip back. But on the plus side, you can end up sitting next to a Chinese grandmother who'll offer to share her homemade dumplings with you!

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