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WillyWeek Review OBT New Beginninigs


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I know that the Willamette Week editors feel they have a mandate to be "youthful and edgy" (whatever that means, now that 90% of our culture is leaning that way) but Kelley Clarke is obviously having a hard time shifting gears from years of covering Canfield. (See full review here)

The party line that Stowell has been chanting the past few months, that "classicism isn't dull or boring," was made a flesh-pressing reality as Porretta swung Iino in front of him, roughly grabbed her hips and sunk her into a deep, wide second-position plié en pointe.

No, Kelly, that's how James Canfied would have set the piece: as an Apache dance. Colleen Neary was true to Balanchine's original spirit for Rubies: lively, playful, affectionate, joyous.

It's a new day...time to let go of the raunch and anger.


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