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Cuban Dancers' Radio Interview, 10/16/03

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Leonard Lopate, a smart and talented interviewer, will host Ballet Nacional de Cuba's ballet mistress Josefina Mendez and dancers Tavra Hormigon and Oscar Torrado on his show Wednesday.

You can hear the show in the New York metro area on WNYC-AM (820) and WNYC-FM (93.9) live starting at noon, or (AM only) overnight starting at 3:00 a.m. Thursday. You can also stream it live on the stations' website, or listen to the single segment at your convenience once the day's show is loaded and linked later that afternoon. :cool2:

This interview is billed as the third item on the show, therefore likely to start at either 1:06 or 1:20 p.m. WARNING: That estimate is just an educated guess.

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I just listened to the webcast of the interview and had hoped for some juicy details about the Les Sylphides scandal. No luck. Mr. Lopate did ask about the connection to ABT, but they only answered by naming the current members of ABT who had come from Cuba. I wished they had mentioned Alicia Alonso's connection to that company at least. It would have fit in nicely with the discussion they had about political struggles as well.

It was a nice interview. I hope they can sell out the theatre. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

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The musical "brackets" for the interview were, intriguingly, the Prelude from LesS (to open) and the overture to Swan (to conclude). Was a producer commenting on the controversy? :shrug:

I would have been surprised to hear any mention of the program change, as I'm sure the Cubans, especially when on foreign soil, are accustomed to avoiding making public statements that could be, in any way, construed as political. :shhh: :thumbsup:

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