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Marjorie Spohn


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What can anyone tell me about Marjorie Spohn?

I have only seen her dance featured roles on video but something about her makes her stand out to me. She had a flowing quality to her dancing that's quite beautiful, and long graceful legs.

The performances on video are from Divertimento No. 15 and The Four Temperaments. What other roles did she dance?

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Trained by Fred Danieli, School of the Garden State Ballet, Newark, NJ from early childhood until her graduation from high school (no summers at SAB). She must have graduated in 1966 or 1967 but I loose track I was very young! Spent a few months in SAB before her corps contract with NYCB. Corps for at least 12 years, maybe more. Retired possibly 1979/80?...after that, I do not know.

One of the inspirations of my childhood. As an eight year old I thought she was the world! :grinning:

Many dancers from the 1960s and 1970s, NYCB in particular, from that school. Victor Castelli, Christine Redpath, Gloria Govrin...the list is long.

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I know that Spohn was in NYCB into the Martins era -- left maybe around '84 or '85. She did a large number of solo and demisolo roles. A few that spring to mind are a demi in Divert from Baiser, Spinner in Coppelia, 1st movement of Episodes, and the Lady Be Good demi in Who Cares?.

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