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Article 19 update

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For contemporary dance fans --

They call themselves "Article19: The only contemporary dance magazine in the whole wide world!" and this is a true fact :)

There are some new articles up. They're funny -- read them!

This Week on Article19

Interview: Darshan Singh Bhuller, Artistic Director, Phoenix Dance Theatre

"We are not all up and dancing like fairies and I don’t mind saying it because I can’t stand that." The artistic director of

Phoenix Dance Theatre puts his foot down and Article19 finds out more!


In the News: Dance writers get all plagiaristic!

Two of the UK's best known dance critics descend the depths and start copying each others hapless attempts at

comedy headline writing. "Kammer Chameleon" indeed.


Tech Help: Buying a New Computer!

"If the machine is forever freezing, crashing or just messing you about then you lose productivity, get

frustrated, start hating your job and this eventually leads to a complete emotional breakdown and everlasting

personal poverty."

Article19 helps you avoid the pitfalls of buying cheap rubbish from PC World


Listings - System Updated

Article19's national listings system for the UK has been updated with several new features including;

-Search Facility

-Print Friendly View in daily, weekly or monthly configuration

-Next Day Listings on same page

-Year long overview

-Enhanced layout and functionality

-Subscribe to calendar through iCal(OSX Only), Mozilla Calendar(OSX, Windows), KOrganizer(Unix)

-RSS enabled

Coming Later This Month:

MotionHouse Dance Theatre: Exclusive video material from "Volatile".

Phoenix Dance Theatre: Exclusive video material from the re-staging of "Planted Seeds"

Article19: The only contemporary dance magazine in the whole wide world!

Michelle Lefèvre


Article19 - Contemporary Dance Online


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