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This may be of interest. I have not really checked it out yet and almost forgot about it until tonight.

On Thursday the New York Times had an article by Clea Simon entitled "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Book Agents": check it out if you'd like.

A Writer's lot can be a lonely one, since churning out pages usually means hours spent alone at a keyboard. It seems natural, then, that many contemporary authors are turning to the Internet for companioship and support and even taking over a Web site that was not originally intended as a writers' forum.

The site's owner was a former host of the discussion area of Salon.com. She started Readerville in June 2000.

Perhaps it will be helpful to some here. :)

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Yes, I saw that Funny Face however it's quite an impressive site for the right readership. If anyone is interested - you can register, and must, to read the forums...but no one is holding a cyber pistol to your head to ante up the $8 until you're sure it's another watering hole to your liking on this wide open prairie called the Internet. :)

I do want to add that it's quite a big place and I've only started to find my way through it, but I do like what I've found so far.

Although I know Alexandra does not want to ever charge anything to the members or lurkers of Ballet Alert!, there are some of us who periodically urge her to offer something along the lines of this honor system/donation idea. B)

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