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I think it's because of Ballet Alert that...

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I'm glad you asked that question, Pamela, as I'm sure others are curious, too. Actually, I have no idea why the cat, unless it's sort of an additional "cool" smilie from the old beatnik expression, "cool cat". On the other hand, sometimes a cat is only a cat. I like Russian Blues, too. Especially the big males, suitable for bookends and doorstops.

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Ballet alert has encouraged me and made me realise i could do things i hadnt the confidence to do

Ballet alert has provided many hours of entertainment and consolation!

Ballet alert is why i'm not in my room revising! So i'd better go or i'll be breaking the no homework/no ballet rule!

Thankyou to the people who run the board-its a great idea!

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I think it's because of Ballet Alert that any time I have a problem (can I substitute lemon juice and milk for buttermilk to make pancakes? How many people did the Theater of Dionysus in Athens seat) this is my first thought, appropriate or not.

I get to "see" performances around the world.

Thanks everybody, especially you moderators, do you ever sleep?

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I (and my wife) came to ballet late, although we both had seen various "Nutcracers" over the years, but when I found ballet, I just worshipped these dancers. I now attend about 20 ballets a year, and would see even more. If you're a New Yorker as I am, you can buy balcony seats for $12.00 at The New York City Balletby joining The Fourth Ring Society. Bravo Ballanchine. The opening night was great, and even at 40, Darci still looks fabulous.

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Allow me to quote an old Swedish poet - "night is not for sleep..."

I hope I quoted correctly and this may be :off topic: or placed in the wrong forum, but I wanted to know more information on this Swedish poet. I can definitely relate to that quote and I have this fond liking for Sweden as do I for many countries in Europe. Anyways, any info would be of interest.

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