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We're 5 years old!!!!!

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It's been a bit hectic around here lately (or at least on the back end of things) and so I forgot to post when we had our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!

I don't even know exactly when it was. I registered the domain name and put up the site in late July 1998 -- around the 21st (?) And put up a little Front Page message board which was up for awhile, and then put up our first real message board -- the UBB -- in October of 1998. And, so, well, here we are.

Give me an annivesary present -- POST. We've gotten away from our scintillating debates on aesthetic issues. More people are posting about performances WHICH IS TERRIFIC! Being greedy, I'd like more. Don't be shy. Dip your toe in. You saw something? Say "I saw X and kinda liked it." That's a start. When you realize that no one will jump in and say, "You LIKED IT? What planet are YOU from?" maybe next time you'll tell us why -- or what you didn't like.

The Young Dancers and Special Groups forums talk lots -- it's the General Discussion group forums that need encouragement. Read something? Post about it. Someone says something that strikes you as interesting? Chime in.

Thanking you in advance.......

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Congratulations! Let me just note that this didn't happen by itself. You just referred to the "back-of-the-house" operations, Alexandra, and it's the loving diligence you and the moderators contribute that keeps BA's "performance" so consistently successful.

Thanks to all of you and to the community of posters, too!


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Who can find a virtuous ballet message board? Her price is far above rubies....

From an out an out neophyte who would have been slogging along behind the eight ball when it comes to understanding ballet from an educational trajectory, I can not thank you enough. In addition, the insight you've helped me gain as an audience member is without a doubt much more than "pretty good"... So pop the corks and we'll all drink to the health of Ballet Alert! :bouncing: :huepfen: :flowers: :gossip: :jump: :blushing::flowers::flowers:

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Guest Gringa

What better time than the 5 year anniversary :yes: to make my first post. Been a "guest" for a while and find Ballet Alert riveting! Thanks to all the regular "Alertniks" who provide endless advice and information for all of us novices.

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Welcome, Gringa! Thank you for making your first post here with such kind words for the site! Be sure and post on the Welcome forum, so we can learn a bit more about you and you can get an "official" welcome from our wonderful Giannina, who is our very special and most delightful "Welcome Lady"! :D

Congratulations, Alexandra! It's been a great 5 years, and I am very proud and happy to have been here and a part of this site for all 5 years! B) :flowers: :hyper: :flowers::blushing::flowers::flowers:

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Congratulations to the founders and the moderators who gently handle our passionate discourse with aplomb and good humor. I have received terrific advice, comradeship, co-miseration and some howling laughs from my visits to what I consider "The best forum on the web"!

And five years for any org or group concerned with the arts is a very long time...most last five months...



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Congratulations from over here, too. :D


To think that almost exactly five years ago we got our first computer.

We knew NOTHNG about it, and were really afraid of using the internet, for it was quite expensive to be online.

Now I am so glad to have found you all.

A big thanks to all responsible!

:yes: :grinning: :huepfen: :bouncing:


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A very big Happy Birthday wish to all who have helped to make BalletAlert what it is today! :flowers::clapping: :party:

The dedication, honesty, knowledge and openness of this board is unsurpassed. Chin chin, salute, cheers to our moderators for guiding us always forward!

A very big Thank You!

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Guest kleighfer

Well, Happy Birthday indeed!! Well Done! I will have to second FunnyFace and say yes there are many kindhearted individuals who take the time to post about their passion. And bless you moderators for having patience with us "newbies' to ballet and wading us through somewhat intimidating waters! A Big Thank You!!

:party: :jump:

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I had missed this thread in October. Astounding that it has been that long, and wonderful that Ballet Alert continues to grow and (one hopes) prosper.

I can recall the "Post Cards", which must have been before July, 1998--like the Bruckner Symphony number 0 perhaps, or a beta software release.

Many thanks to Alexandra, Mel, Victoria and everyone else who has made this board possible.

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