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Jewels performance 10/5


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Jewels is a debut for BalletMet, so I thought I should comment on the performance. They did a wonderful job of bringing this ballet to life, with the help of Repetiteurs Elyse Borne and Bart Cook. All of the dancers looked happy and energized.

Emeralds seems like such a hard ballet to get just right. It has such an elusive fleeting quality to it, but they did a good job of it. Cheryl Sullivan and Anthony Krutzkamp had a lovely chemistry and rapport together, and Jamie Dee and Hisham Omardien in the walking pas de deux were mysterious and shimmering.

The dancers took the cheeky style of Rubies and ran with it! They looked like they were having a ball. Mishic Marie Corn was long limbed and glamorous in the solo girl part.

Although all of the ballets were done well, to me Diamonds was the best performed. Kristi Capps was glorious and confident in the Suzanne Farrell role, and Dmitri Trubchanov was a gallant cavalier. The corp handled all the intricate maunueverings beautifully.

I hope they keep Jewels in the active repertory. They did a fantastic job and should be proud!

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perky, I'm glad you made it to the performance. I was there today, too. Maybe we sat next to each other and didn't even know it! I also enjoyed the performance, especially "Rubies" and the end of "Diamonds", with the stage completely filled with dancers. It was my first Balanchine ballet, and I was proud of myself for being able to see some of the characteristics that made it Balanchine style, or technique, or whatever it is that the thread on the Parent's Board was trying to categorize. Bravo to BalletMet and Cincinnati Ballet for a great collaboration.

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Can I make a request for the next Balanchine ballets for BalletMet to stage?

How about Symphony in C or Who Cares? Pleeeaaase!

Also Grace, Daryl Brandwood was not performing at the show I saw. I did notice that they had two casts performing 2 shows each, however Daryl and his partner Carrie West were the only dancers scheduled to perform more than twice. They were scheduled for 3 shows and he seemed to be featured alot in thier advertisments. Maybe someone else went to his performance and could comment on it for you.

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