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NYCB Nutracker Reunion

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slightly edited (cut stuff out) letter. just in case there's anyone on here who was part of NYCB's nutcracker, they're having a reunion (cough -money making event), and I just thought i'd mention it in case anyone hadn't heard. it's easy to imagine how hard it must be contacting everyone of the 50 or so children in the nutcracker each year, from over the past 5 decades. i wouldn't want anyone, especially one who was one of those reunion types, to be left out. :)

"As the date for the Golden Jubilee Homecoming draws closer, the excitement surrounding the event grows more intense.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Nutcracker children out there who we cannot reach or find. I am hoping that with your help, we can locate these missing alums, so that they too can share in the celebration. Email is preferable so that I might have documentation of a new address, but you may also call me at 212-769-6657.

Also, if you have any memories, anecdotes, pictures, articles....etc. that you'd like to share - or if we haven't heard from you and you know you'd like to be a part of this - please get in touch with me over email or phone. Our formal invitations will be mailed the beginning of October. In the meantime, you can view more general and pricing information on our web site at www.sab.org. <http://www.sab.org. /> "

and if anyone does go, would you care to post about it? or pm me? i'd be interested to hear.

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