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so??? Is it Palais? Is it "C"?

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We are leaving on Wednesday for our France trip and really thrilled about it! Who has seen the POB program that we will be seeing on Friday the 10th? So....which version is it? If it is "C", I have come to terms with that, albeit with some disappointment. If it is "Palais", what a treat!

Estelle, will you be in Paris on Friday and Saturday? It would be so wonderful to meet. Socalgal, enjoy the rest of your trip. We'll compare notes at the end of the month. :)

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Merci--thank you for your good wishes, and cyngeblanc, for putting the mystery of what it will be to rest.

I admit to some disappointment because we planned this trip (which we knew we wanted to take, but might not have scheduled at this precise time) around this rare opportunity to see the one ballet that Balanchine created for POB, that we have never seen, and that we may never see! I love "C", would never turn down a chance to watch it and look forward to this chance, but would have chosen a different program to see in Paris.

Alas, I am still so fortunate to be able to do this, and will post here all about it!

Au revoir, RK

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