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TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES: Tuesday, September 30

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Last night, at about 9:45 pm, I caught the last 15 minutes of a what (I think) was a complete film version of GAITE PARISIANNE. The only dancer I recognized was Massine, who was the Peruvian. The credits must have been in front of whatever this was, and TCM's host didn't come on afterwards to say more.

Did anyone else see it or know anything else about it?

Thanks :)

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I posted this film's broadcast last night when it was on. The film went by the title "The Gay Parisian." The other stars are Milada Mladova (as the Glove Seller), who replaced Danilova who was not thought to be young or pretty enough for the film. Frederick Franklin reprised his role as the Baron. Léonide Massine also did his role as the Peruvian. Others in the cast were: Nathalie Krassovska,

Andre Eglevsky, Igor Youskevitch, Lubov Roudenko, Casimir Kokitch, James Starbuck and George Zoritch. The film, made in 1941, was directed by Jean Negulesco.

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BW, I always catch the end of it because the film is only about 15-20 minutes long. TCM doesn't list in it the TV listings, so you just have to come across it. That's why I put the alert on, I was cruising around and heard the music and guessed what it was. I guess TCM has a few of these shorts to put on when they've got a few minutes to fill before their next feature. It's interesting to compare the studio production with the pirate version released on VAI.

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warner bros. produced two films in this line:

THE GAY PARISIAN and SPANISH FIESTA. the former obviously documenting GAITE PARISIENNE and the latter, CAPRICCIO ESPAGNOL. (Danilova is in this second film, tho' as Dale points out, was not in the GAITE film.)

i've never seen the latter ballet live, but i can attest to the fact that the PARISIENNE ballet is truncated in the film.

i would have thought the ny pub.lib. for the perf. arts would have copies of these films, but i don't see that to be true, so i can't 'paste' the full credits.

here's how the library lists the spanish ballet's credits. if mem. serves argentina aooears in the film too:

Capriccio espagnol : Chor: Leonide Massine in collaboration with Argentinita; mus: N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov; lib: Leonide Massine; scen & cos: Mariano Andreu (setting and costumes the same as those originally designed for Fokine's ballet Jota aragonesa, produced in 1937). First perf: Monte Carlo, Théâtre de Monte Carlo, May 4, 1939.//First New York perf: Oct 27, 1939.

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