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Volochkova Back?!!?

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Fille'smom, there have been a number of threads about this subject. The latest news (click here) is that Russia's Ministry of Labor has ruled that the Bolshoi's firing was illegal. However, it is not at all clear that this means that Volochkova will rejoin the company. See Alexandra's post towards the end of this thread.

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There is indeed Breaking News!

Act II: Labor Ministry says Bolshoi must reinstate dismissed dancer

Labor officials on Tuesday ordered the Bolshoi Theater to reinstate Volochkova, who was fired two weeks ago amid allegations from other dancers that she was too heavy to lift.

The Labor Ministry ruled her dismissal violated labor law, saying she must be rehired by Oct. 6 and given back wages, said Andrei Pryanishnikov, a spokesman for Labor Minister Alexander Pochinok.

Bolshoi spokeswoman Katerina Novikova said it was too early to comment on how the Bolshoi would react to the decision. Pryanishnikov insisted the Bolshoi has no choice but to comply.


The Russian press denigrated her with headlines such as "Not even bears could hold her" and discussed her ability as more suitable for pop-ballet performances than the graceful Russian tradition associated with greats such as Maya Plisetskaya and others.

I'd missed the "not even bears could hold her." Why stop at suing the theater?

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Alexandra, I believe this is the same news that was released a couple of days ago, but many papers and other news organizations are just getting round to printing/running it. There appears to be a disagreement as to whether the Bolshoi has to comply with the Ministry's decision. Stay tuned, this show is far from over.

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The case “Volochkova vs. Bolshoi” will be started in a court in Moscow on Monday, Oct. 27. I bet Anastasia will win. What will she do then, that is the question?

Just to remind. After the known scandal with Rozhdestvensky three years ago the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet Alexei Fadeechev was fired. He won the trial but resigned himself immediately instead of accepting back his former position.

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Well one thing is for certain, if she wins and returns to the Bolshoi,

the theatre will have two 'Kchessinskayas' - the other being Zakharova.

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Quote from Ari's link:

Ms Volochkova has as many critics as she has supporters and the Russian press has reported that the dispute may have had more to do with her ego than with her size.

But she denied she was difficult and accused theatre's director of finding excuses to prevent her working at the theatre.


Hmmm, so was the real issue her weight or being difficult to work with?

Don't know if she is difficult or not, but I have trouble believing she is "too heavy". She certainly looks thin in the photo in the article, and sounds thin based on her quoted height/weight.

I have had quite a few people who don't dance stop me to say how ridiculous ballet is because Volochkova was fired for her weight, which they consider too thin...this entire issue didn't make the world of ballet look very good to the general public. :) Or at least the general public near me. :wink:

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So now you have an answer for those people - "It isn't weight, it's office politics run amok."

It would appear that V. did not get much in the way of punitive damages, but was awarded back pay. Still, the theater is appealing, so the Moscow public may not be seeing her with the company anytime very soon.

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Guest Tatiana

Volochkova is taken back to the Bolshoi (according to court decision) and offered to dance Mirtha in January 2004 "Giselles". One of the reasons of this offer is that she still doesn't have a partner in the Bolshoi.

Volochkova told the press that noone can make her dance Mirtha, and the theatre must give her back her principal parts. "If the Bolshoi wants war, then let it be war" - she said.

The press reminded the readers that Plisetskaya danced Mirtha many times (and never danced Giselle) and probably didn't consider this part unsuitable. The press suggested many reasons for Volochkova's behaviour - starting with "status" questions and finishing with her poor abilities (first of all, poor jump) to perform the part.

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Thanks for that, Tatiana. In olden times (until 20 years ago or so :wub: ) Myrtha was a ballerina role wherever "Giselle" was danced, the "classical" as opposed to the "Romantic" (or, in France and Denmark, "demicaractere" role). But now, I suppose it is looked at as the Second Rate role -- sad that that's the case even in Russia. If the Bolshoi were making a good faith effort to use Volochkova and really do not have a single man taller than 5 foot 10 or so (don't know that in centimeters, sorry) it's hard to think of a better role for her than Myrtha.

I'm sure there will be more chapters of this story...... :wub:

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And the saga continues... :rolleyes:

What a diva. If I were in the position of having been rehired after being fired, I'd be happy being put in the corps de ballet. I don't care who "made" them rehire me; I'd simply be happy to have a paying job. I guess some people's priorities just lie in different areas.

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