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Julliard Graduates in Ballet

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I know that many Julliard graduates have gone on to successful carreers with modern dance companies. But have any of their graduates gone on to dance with a major ballet company?? Even though it's more common to enter a ballet company young, there have been stories of ballet dancers enjoying a healthy college life and then a healthy dancing career (ok, I can NOT figure out how to spell career to save my life, obvioulsy I've had too much DayQuil) umm, what's her name with the Milwaukee Ballet.... argh. I'll think of it later.

Actually... does anyone know Julliard's percentage of placement in companies with thier dance students, in any sort of dance company. The one thing about Julliard that always baffles me is how expensive it is!! And to think of trying to pay off that debt on a dancers salary seems downright nuts! I'm not terribly familiar with some of their recent graduates and the only one I can think of that's had a long term job with a cmpany is Amy Young of Paul Taylor. (but I know there must be more....)

::runs off to take more DayQuil::

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James Sofranko, Matthew Stewart, with SFB, Robin...unfortunately I cannot remember her last name with BalletTech are three Julliard graduates to go on to high level ballet companies.

Also There is Daniel Wiley who has chosen not to accept a contract with Boston Ballet this year, but was offered one. For various reasons I believe he chose North Carolina Dance Theatre.

All are very high level dancers for ballet companies.

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I'm pretty sure that Phillip Colucci (corps) and Tara Keating (soloist), both of Pennsylvania Ballet, are Juilliard graduates. I believe Colucci actually won the Princess Grace fellowship for modern while he was at Juilliard! Not sure how two Juilliard grads ended up at the same company, but it might have had something to do with Ben Harkarvy? He was the former Artistic Director of PA Ballet and left the company in the 70's (I think?) to go to Juilliard. He has since passed, and I don't know if he was still an active teacher when Colucci and Keating were students there...

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