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Seeking Info on former ABT Member

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One of my teachers was once a member of ABT - Joseph Carrow. I've only been here about a month and therefore I'm not terribly comfortable just yet asking him for his life history. But I'm still curious about it. All I know is that he was there around the same time as Alica Alonso (he speaks very highly of her). Anyone know where I can find what I want to know?

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I found only one reference -- it's Joseph Carow, one "r" -- in Balanchine's Book of the Ballets. He was in deMille's "The Wind in the Mountains" in 1965. So later than I thought.

Editing to add: through the magic of Google -- www.google.com -- I found several references. He was in "Once Upon a Mattress," he staged a Nutcracker for the New Jersey Ballet (hope I'm remembering that right) and last fall he was teaching at East Carolina University School of Theatre and Dance. There may be more -- Google him :)

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Guest Mnemosyne

Sounds like it is time to just speak with him yourself!! Teachers love it when students ask about their background and training. This is true in any field. He would probably love to speak with you. Do not be timid. If you are at ECU it is time to take a deep breath and make the introduction. In ballet, and in many fields of study, it can be just these coversations that help us to get to know someone that later could be helpful in some way. Just be friendly and approach before or after a class. He can ultimately share with you more than google could ever search for. GOOD LUCK. Making an introduction may be easier than you think.

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