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Ashton in Story of 3 Loves

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I recently saw Story of 3 Loves, an old MGM movie in TCM. The 1st episode featured the exquisite Moira Shearer, as a ballerina w/ a fatal heart disease.The choreography was credited to F Ashton to the music of Rachmaninoff's piano concerto'.

. I know that Ashton did Rhapsody to the same music but any body knows if he used any of the ch0oreography from the movie later? I thought it was, as danced by Moira, very nice.


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to the best of my knowledge, the choreog. for 3 LOVES was done specifically for the movie. I don't think any of the choreog. later created for baryshnikov and collier as RHAPSODY was a re-cycling of this previous work. there might be some information in david vaughan's book, or some comments in kavanagh's.

or british readers/posters might have some insights.

now if only the dvd market would pick up on things like this and put such films on disk. well, one can live in hope...

still it's shown at irregular intervals on channels like the one mention, so one needs to be grateful for small favors.

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