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Star Dancers in Aarhus


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I would have loved for you guys to have seen Johan in Flint's The Lesson (part of his Out of Denmark programme in London. Note to self remember to write the review which i promised weeks ago!! Whoops.....)

He was stunning, full of character- drawing on (what i felt were) all the right aspects of Flint's psycotic ballet teacher. Very, very scary....... but made me long to see him in macmillan's Mayerling again!!

But this is : :offtopic:

so i'll stop!

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I am certain that The Lesson was a well chosen piece for him, because he canuse not only his tecnique but acting abilities as well. in Denmark Morten Eggert who is somewhat similar to Kobborg, was also very convincing in the part. For a dancer of Kobborgs ability it has proven a challenge to find a repetoire and a partner. I am very pleased that he has found both in Royal Ballet. Of the ever changing line of Ballet Masters in Copenhagen the last years, none were really able to chose a repetoire that really suited Kobborg and injury periods made him an infrequent performer.

Regarding the change from Etudes to Un a pays sage, they were forced by injuries to Kenneth Greve and Andrew Bowman, who shares the most diffucult mens solos in Etudes.

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I have heard that he has had a minor operation, and will most likely be out for at least a month, so I guess he will not be doing James tonight. I hope that Silja Schandorff will still do the sylph as I have splashed out on the most expensive tickets.

Lloyd Riggens will cover as Odysseus for the first two performances

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