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"A Fancy 40th" October 8-12


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yes, i wish they could post casting also. i do know who is rehearsing what... but the actual performance casts were not clear yet as of last weekend. when i go, i have to book my flight around a few days and then have the BD get tickets for the performances she is dancing. :shrug: very frustrating.

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I have the casting for "A Fancy 40th." There are two casts, which I'll list as A and B. I have to thank the public relations office of the company and I apologize for any spelling mistakes or errors as I took these over the phone and tried to match what I scratched out to the list of dancers. Here goes:

Cast A (Oct. 8, 10, 11m)

Concerto Barocco: Barfield, Chamberlain, Ihde


1 - Amiss, Cieslak

2 - Cruz, Ihde

3 - Chamberlain, Ady

M - Krensing

S - Ochoa, Rainey

Ph - Borovik

C - Aldridge

Fancy Free:

Sailors - Ady, Colucchi, Stiles

Women - Cox, Aldridge, Gall

Bartender - Charov

Cast B (Oct. 9, 11e, 12m)

Concerto Barocco: Aldridge, Ochoa, Rainey


1 - Smith, Marshall

2 - Gall, Goodman

3 - Lorenzo, Debes

M - Iziliaev

S - Barfield, Krensing

Ph - Cieslak

C - Cruz

Fancy Free:

Sailors - Ihde, Colucci, Cieslak

Women - Keating, Lorenzo, Reffner

Bartender - Charov

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Thank you, Dale! :) Both casts sound good, in my opinion though I'm tempted by the B cast since I'd like to see Jamar Goodman in his PA Ballet debut.

Very exciting to see that Philip Colucci is in both casts of Fancy Free- he's wonderful to watch and I think this ballet is an excellent fit for him. I'm also excited to see Jennifer Gall cast in two featured roles- she did a terrific job back when she was an Apprentice in demi roles in Interplay & Arden Court and I was actually surprised to see how much responsibility she was given so early on but then this past year she didn't seem to be cast so much...I was slightly worried that her trajectory would be that of some of the NYCB girls who get lots of early exposure and then seem to fade out a little, so the two roles in this program is a good development!

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Tessa, Cast B caught my eye too, but mainly because it had Ochoa, Lorenzo and Iziliaev - dancers I know from either their time at SAB and/or NYCB. But I really want to see both.

Barfield and Chamberlain are Cast A in Concero Barocco. Can anyone tell me what type of dancers they are? I have a specific idea of what dancers do the leads in CB. The first - spiritual and legato, the second - classical and pure.

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If you have specific Concerto Barocco needs, I'm not sure that they'll be met with the Barfield/Chamberlain pairing. I like both dancers a lot, but I'm not sure they fit the adjectives you used. Barfield is a very pretty, diminutive and winsome-looking dancer who is typically cast in "princess" roles. I would not describe her dancing as especially spiritual- she is more of a clean, straightforward dancer. Chamberlain is an interesting dancer- I like her a lot, but I like her best in roles where her comic talents shine (Swanhilda & Kate in Taming of the Shrew come to mind.) I would say that of the two, she is the more spiritual dancer...

The women in Cast B (Aldridge & Ochoa) come closer to fitting the ideals you described, I think.

Thoughts from anyone else? Agreements? Disagreements?

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I agree with Tessa about Barocco casting. But I too have some preconceived notions as to how I like this ballet to be danced. Keating, Flood and Matthews will also step in to cast B replacing Gall, Cruz and Smith in the corps roles. Looking forward to seeing both casts actually. :)

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I'm off to PHilly tomorrow for the "Fancy 40th" at PAB. I have been told that I have tickets for Sat mat and eve and Sun mat. Will anyone here at BA be going? It seems that many are off to see Suzanne Farrell's company in the vicinity or thereabouts. I am wondering if there is too much of a good thing going on at the same time :ermm:

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Concerto Barocco, The Four Temperaments, Fancy Free - in that order. Just writing those titles excites me. I came prepared to enjoy myself and it really was a great evening at the ballet. That said, how come this program wasn't sold out? Is it too adventurous to program 3 masterpieces of the 20th century on one bill? But that's for another thread...

This was the first time I've seen Concerto Barocco and it was beautiful. It reminded me of Les Sylphides, in that the dancers completely embody the music. Except in CB, the dancers aren't romantic sylphs but some kind of Classical Olympian or Elysian beings bearing within them the essence and the rhythm of the music. However, it also reminded me of Les Sylphides in the actual structure of the choreography, in the interplay between the soloists and the corps de ballet, in the 'first among equals' atmosphere in this interplay. I don't know how or why this Les Sylphides analogy entered my head, but now I can't get it out. I'd have to see the ballet again to know whether it was just coincidence.

The Four Temperaments was the only ballet on the program that I had seen before and I had been completely over whelmed by it the first time. I must admit I wasn't as overwhelmed this time. Don't shoot me, but I think the live orchestra softened the music so the sound was more classical as opposed to the recorded version I heard the first time I saw it. Also, my seat was very high up this time. I could see well, but it was a bit difficult to 'feel' the dancers. Regardless, this must be one of the most modern ballets ever choreographed. In fact, The FTs is IMO a masterpiece of science fiction. I don't know the company so I don't want to mention many names, but Charity Eagens (3rd Theme) has gorgeous feet and Christine Cox was a very powerful Choleric. Overall, I though Concerto Barocco was better performed than The FTs and interstingly, when I checked the program, there was a repetiteur listed for Concerto Barocco (Sandra JEnnings) but not for The FTs. What does this mean?

Fancy Free was a delight. An incredibly well crafted ballet. Unbelievable to think this was someone's first choeogrpahy. It was performed well too, although the differences between the sailors weren't too perceptible. I laughed out loud a couple of times mainly in the 'chats' between the first and the second girl. I could just see how these girls of the '40s would grow up to be Jewish Mothers (This is supposed to be a compliment).

That was my evening. I'd like to hear some more experienced viewers too.

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hi.......i just finished watching the Sat. matinee performance of "Fancy 40th" and wow! I am wondering also why it was not sold to th max as it was a memorable program with great dancing.

I am going back tonight and tomorrow too! :clapping: Concerto Barocco was danced like silk with beautiful musicality from all. Yes, it was well rehearsed, GWTW. And yes, my dancing daughter at PAB made a similar comment regarding 4T's sans Ms. Jennings. She felt it would have been a stronger performance with Sandy's rehearsal hand. (She has danced it before with Sandyat PAB as rehearsal ballet mistress) But I was drawn in by performances of the themes in this cast, particularly Ms. Chamberlains 3rd theme. She would not have been a likely choice for me yet her elan and expression were lovely as well as captivating. More later on 4 T's. Fancy Free was a highlight and a sheer delight to see this company dance. It is a ballet classic and well suited to this group. The guys were terrific in character and their dancing was clear and technically 'on'. As the gals, Keating and Lorenzo both did top performances with each of their characters as well as Reffner at the end (whose arms were so fluid they were mesmerizing, not to mention how gorgeous she looked!)

what a great day at the ballet......if you are in any proximitiy....get a ticket now!!! There are two shows left........ :thumbsup:

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:party: I saw the Sunday matinee. I LOVED IT! Of course I am partial to the Pennsylvania Ballet because they are the ballet company of my home state, but it was truly spectacular. Concerto Barocco is one of my favorite ballets and Ms. Aldridge and Ms. Ochoa did a brilliant job! Their technique and stage presence were immaculate. :wink: I also loved the Four Ts especially at the end when the entire cast danced together in a captivating finale! Fancy Free was hilarious and executed brilliantly. Ms. Lorenzo's solo was captivating (not to mention her beautiful arches were visible even in character shoes). Ms. Keating was so much fun to watch as the "sailors" fought for her affection. Ms. Reffner's solo ended the piece at the perfect note. All of the dancers really portrayed the part and I truly got a sense of what it would have been like if I was alive back in the 1940s. I couldn't stop laughing. I came out of the ballet feeling inspired. I cannot wait to see Dracula in November!!! :unsure:

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I know I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon -- but I haven't been on line much lately.

We went to the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee shows. Saturday we were in the orchestra. This was my first time seeing Concerto Barocco. It was a dream. The principals were lovely and the corps was so beautiful and precise. (Of course the Bach didn't hurt either.) Sunday from the second balcony was great too, I love being able to watch the patterns from above. Amy Aldreidge, Arantxa Ochoa and Meredith Rainey were a delight on Sunday.

Four T's has never been a favorite of mine -- I think its the impassive faces. I know that is the way it should be -- but its always bothered me. That said, I was captivated this time. I found that because the faces were so unemotional I actually watched the movement more. It was danced with such wonderful precision. I really enjoyed this ballet.

Fancy Free -- another first for me! What fun -- three sailors on the town, and three pretty girls to flirt with them. I enjoyed both shows, but thought the Sunday matinee had a bit more energy -- maybe because it was the last performance of the show. Its so nice to see the guys have a chance to shine and on Sunday particularly the girls seemed to really enjoy their flirty moves. Its hard to believe that this ballet is nearly 60 years old.

It was a fun weekend watching a beautiful company. Now .... on to Dracula.

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