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MET season

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Thanks for reading our rules and your comment on gossip ;) This kind of guessing is okay!

I honestly haven't heard anything. We'll be sure there will be a lot of full lengths, but other than that, the season hasn't been announced.

Two new ballets that have been announced is a new production of Raymonda (by Anna Marie Holmes and Kevin McKenzie) and a new ballet by William Forsythe.

Dale, Mary, others? Any news?

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No, Ballet Imperial was done for a pre-NYCB Kirstein/Balanchine company and was later reworked as Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2. Theme was made on ABT. Later, for NYCB, Balanchine choreographed the other three movements of Tchaikovsky's Suite No. 3, and Theme became the final movement of a ballet of that name.

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I'm pretty excited because ABT sets the Ballet Imperial with a few more bits of the original pantomime - not as close to the version set on the Royal Ballet (and brought back eventually after another revival at the Royal) - but still different enough from the version at NYCB (which I love in its own right). It's important to have both versions performed on a regular basis. I hope that is the production allowed on stage rather than conforming it to Balanchine's "last version."

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I hope your reliable source is as reliable as you say, Dale.

Remember a couple years ago, ABT had planned a Stravinsky program that morphed into the Tchaikovsky program? :shrug:

And I hope, yes I do, that ABT gets the Trust's blessing to continue performing its version of Imperial. The Last Version is not necessarily the One-Size-Fits-All version.

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Kudelka's Firebird was cancelled due to money problems. I believe they were all set to go, the mailings even had Herrera in a Firebird costume on the cover. But I agree, I hope things don't fall through. I had been hoping that ABT would dig into its rep. and revive their reconstructions of Symphonie Concertante and Bourre Fantastique. It would have differentiate ABT's tribute to Balanchine from others - given the public something it can't get across the plaza. And maybe things can change for the better, ballets can be added too (one hopes).

Has anybody received the subscription mailing? It is supposed to be available in October. Maybe it will be at the City Center theater during the season.

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No. It was said that the Balanchine tribute program will "include" Theme, pas de deux and Ballet Imperial. There's always hope. But as I said, we might find out officially any day now when the Met mailings are released. I will look into it further.

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So if the program turns out to be (hypothetically speaking, of course) Theme, Mozartiana, pdd, Ballet Imperial, that's all-Balanchine and all-Tchaikovsky program. (Or would it be Imperial, Mozartiana, pdd, Theme?)

All great, important ballets, and I'd love to see how Mozartiana fits ABT, but over all, the program is (I mean, would be) a little (actually, a lot) too rich for my taste. I'd have opted for a leotard ballet in the program.

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