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"Our Show"

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Has anyone been to "Our Show" --the weekend program in February planned and coordinated by the MCB dancers? In 2004 it will be February 21-22. As it turns out, I will be in Florida that week for a family event and could plan to attend, although it would involve a rather long drive I would be happy to do so. anyone?

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I hope that someone from MCB will answer more directly what the show was like last year, as I did not attend. I can give you some particulars, as we have a dancer with this company.

"Our Show" was a fundraising idea for the ballet developed by the dancers themselves. All proceeds go directly to MCB, though, the dancers are paid their regular salaries for time spent in rehearsals and performances.

Last year was the first year for the project and it was very successful. All performances were held at the MCB studios since they have a bleacher seating area in their very large main studio which seats approximately 200.

Some of the choreography is original, giving many MCB dancers (or their dancer/choreographer friends) the opportunity to choreograph pieces for themselves or others in the company to perform. From reports these pieces were well worth seeing. Also on the program are excerpts from a variety of ballets, Swan Lake; Union Jack; Stars & Stripes, etc., which some of the dancers have selected and prepared specifically for these performances.

According to the reports I received, there was so much planned, that two programs had to be developed which were presented over two weekends, 8 performances.

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As the mother of two ballet students, one who is very serious, I attended with my two daughters. We live a few hours away and our small studio is not associated with a company. This seemed an experience not to miss.

It was an intimate atmosphere. You were sitting close enough that you could see the dancers sweat. You could see facial expressions that you could not see even from the front rows in a typical performing arts center (we usually see them at the Kravis). My daughter could appreciate being able to see details of body movements, articulations of the feet, and even which pointe shoes each dancer wore. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a very professional night, but up close and personal. It appeared that everyone enjoyed the evening: Balletomanes, students, parents. I think everyone had a different reason to go and a different take on the evening. I think everyone seated around us and those we spoke to during the intermission and afterwards took away MORE than they expected, not less. We will attend again. My daughter was able to meet Ileana Lopez after the show when the dancers come out to "meet" their audience.

Hopefully others will comment. I am not yet through the book Ballet 101 (I think this book covers Ballet 101 all the way through ballet 495--what a great place for a parent to begin an understanding of Ballet) so I do not feel qualified to critique any further. Hopefully some more experienced than I will have attended and can act as a critic. I thought it was well worth it.

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Hi- I actually try to help with some of the planning for "Our Show" at MCB. It was very successful, last year, and hopefully this year will be equally so. There are a lot of things planned- for all of us dancers, this is our chance to try those things we never dance, so you may see some excerpts from classical ballets- La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, as well as newly choreographed works by various company members. We try to keep the atmosphere very light and enjoyable- a little narration, maybe some question and answers, and most likely a reception after the show. I can't tell you definately what is on the program, but judging from the sign-up sheet it will be exciting.

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I didn't go to the "Our Show" this year because I am studing in the north now, ( but I do miss my warm sunny Florida weather!!!) The show was absolutley wonderful... it was a great experience to see the dancers up close and to meet them after the show was a great oppertunity.

This is one thing I suggest to all dancers!!!

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Thanks, Liebeling, for reminding me.

The performances are at the Miami City Ballet Study in Miami Beach, which seats about 200.

Friday, 4/29 at 8 pm

Saturday 4/30 at 2 pm and 8 pm (there's a post-performance party after the 8)

Sunday 5/1 at 2 pm

You can order tickets on the MCB's website: www.miamicityballet.org.

Anyone have information about the program this year? The mixture of original choreography and classic pas de deux, etc., is intriguing.

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The rep is interesting for this year as more than in previous years, many dancers are choreographing. The pieces are fairly short, and interstestingly, it's the younger dancers in the company who are offering their works. A couple of them have participated in the choreographic workshops at SAB. Also, I believe there will be a pas de deux from La Sylphide ( depending on the performance), and Lynne Taylor-Corbett's "Chiaroscuro."

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The lataest Miami Insider Newsletter reports:

"The repertoire includes 13 pieces performed by 25 dancers and will feature excerpts from classical ballets like La Sylphide, La Bayadere, and La Fille Mal Gardee; more contemporary works like Chiaroscuro, a ballet by Lynn Taylor-Corbett, and also ballets choreographed by Miami City Ballet dancers Stephen Satterfield, Cassia Philips, Marc Speilberger, and Kristin D'Addario."

"Not only will audiences be able to see the dancers up close in a studio environment but they will also hae the chance to meet the dancers. Each performance will be followed by a wine and cheese reception after the show and the Saturday night performance will include a party with the dancers with food, drinks, and dancing."

I hope some of our members will be able to post their responses and/or reviews.

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