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Suggestions for Nutcracker on video?

Guest Dancergal92

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Oooh, much simpler then. :helpsmilie: Try the Amazon banner at the top of every page of this message board for "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker" Granted, MacCaulay Culkin is not my idea of a perfect Nutcracker Prince, and it would be better without Kevin Kline's superfluous narration, but this production is what almost every American production is trying to be, trust me.

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I'd recommend that one, too, although I have to say the dancers could have been photographed more flatteringly -- Nichols and Kistler in particular were not well served, IMO.

I put in my vote for "Nutcracker: the Motion Picture" from 1986, directed by Carroll Ballard with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and decor and costumes by Maurice Sendak.

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I would very much recommend Bolshoi's Nutcracker starring Maximova and Vassiliev (the production in which the whole ballet is danced by these two- I understand there is another one in which the Sugar Plum pdd is danced by Nadezhda Pavlowa, but I have not seen it). This is Grigorovith's staging. I am not sure of the year, but it is around 1978, I think

I have found the dancing to be truly spectacular - and the team of those two is worth seeing a hundred times!!!!!!!

However there are some flaws in teh production (like when the curtains falls after the Christmas party and one of the guest stays did not manage to go behind the curtain, with curtain descending onto her!!!!! :flowers: ).


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It may not be available any longer, but my daughter first fell in love with ballet by watching Baryshnikov's Nutcracker with Gelsey Kirkland.

This is my favorite version of the Nutcracker. I wish that someone would put it on DVD. You can get it on VHS through Amazon.

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There's a Pacific Northwest Ballet version that stars a young Patricia Barker. The sets are by Maurice Sendak, and the overture and ballerina doll scenes were among those that were adapted to the screen in a very charming way. I was living in NYC at the time I first saw this, and it was my introduction to the Company.

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Nobody mentionned Noureev's one for Paris Opera Ballet, with Elisabeth Maurin and Laurent Hilaire. That is not a traditionnal Nutcracker, and you might not like it, but in my opinion, this Nutcracker is worth a glance at least because of the Grand Pas de deux, that Noureev totally transformed. Personally, I like better this Grand Pas de deux rather than the traditional one :wub: . I would say this Nutcracker has been made for adults rather than for children.

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