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Darcey Bussell pregnant

Jane Simpson

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I think our law entitles full time women employees six months on full pay, and then some on reduced pay, and you have up to two years' entitlement to come back to your job without it being given to someone else.

I'm at the stage where I'm thinking I will never see her dance again! But I wish Darcy Bussell all the best. :P

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I'm with you on this! The day before this announcement I booked tickets to take my daughter to London for her spring break/birthday. I made sure that Darcey was scheduled for a performance, thinking that this might be one of her last seasons.

I'm consoling myself by being happy for Darcey. I hope it all goes well for her, and that she finds herself back in the company for at least a little while once her leave is over.

You know-- in the dance world, we can never count on seeing anyone. At least she isn't pulling out due to a painful injury!

I AM kicking myself for spending an additional day in York (which is a gorgeous place) the last time I was in England, instead of going to the RB. The program didn't excite me, but Darcey was scheduled. I have never seen her in live performance--I hope I do someday!

And hey, a trip to London is always a good thing! We'll still go to the RB, the theater, I'll spend a couple of days at a conference--didn't that work out well? I also got a great deal--the airfares are unreal. PM me if you want to know about a great company for European packages.

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