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which stars are coming to Berkeley?

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A friend writes me:

"There was another short item about the Kirov warehouse fire in

yesterday's NY Times. It mentioned that the St. Petersburg season

will nevertheless start as scheduled on October 10th. That made me

curious, so I went to the Kirov's web site. The opening night is the

Opera, but the ballet will be performing 10 times in October,

starting with the 11th and 12th. In that case, whom are we going to

see onstage in Berkeley, I wonder. "

What a good question, I say. THe Kirov plays Berkeley October 7-12.

Anybody got an idea?

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I've heard report that for opening, Lopatkina and Ruzimatov will appear in Scheherezade; Vishneva in opening Rubies. Of course, with the Kirov, cast changes are not at all uncommon (ballet as well as opera). I have been waiting to see Lopatkina for years so would be very pleased if the above is true. On top of that, Gergiev is officially announced for the opening (which means he flies out immediately after the performance since he's scheduled to conduct Traviata at the Met the following evening!), so I take it their major dancers will be on hand.

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