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Maya Plisetskaya's Autobiography


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Makarova Fan -- a little warning. It's a difficult read. She accepted no help in writing or editing, and the narrative shows the lack of a guiding hand. She jumps around and sometimes leaves out needed explanation. Still, there are parts of it that are marvelous. Enjoy what you like and disregard the rest.

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I really enjoyed it too. It was very much not the typical ballerina autobiography (although I think that "typical" might be notional). The political details made me swim a little bit, but eventually I resorted to letting the names just wash over me, and allowing myself to be content with understanding the bare outlines.

Best of all I really felt that there was a voice behind the book, and now I feel (just a little, little bit) that I know Plisetskaya (who I wish, I wish, I wish I had been able to see.)

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