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Maryinski warehouse fire

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Fire destroys Warehouse at Russian Theater

Guardian article about the Maryinski warehouse fire

Was this their main warehouse?

What happens to old sets? How often are they recycled. When they aren't what happens? What's the oldest set still out there in circulation? What was the typcial age of the sets that were destroyed?

(or should I have posted this in the design-tech section of this forum?)

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I don't know what is done in Russia, but in NY, most designers have a "destroy after use" clause in their contracts. They haul old set units out to the Jersey Flats and burn them. "Generic" pieces like plain flats and framed units and even cycloramas have been known to have been donated to college theater programs. The Metropolitan Opera used to donate its old plain units to the Dialectic Society at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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