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gorski's fille mal gardee pdd music?

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hi everybody! please i need your help:

i'd like to know who is the composer of la Fille mal gardee pas de deux music of the Gorski/Nijinska/Romanoff version of La Fille Mal Gardee

is the same composer of the original ballet? (ferdinand herold?)

thanks in advance!!!!


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some NY Public Library for the Performing Arts listings follow. It would seem that within Russia only oleg vinogradov's production followed somewhat in the tracks of ashton w/ its score based on f. herold. as mel has suggested the usual composer given is peter ludwig hertel. hope this helps. the first three listings indicate the productions you asked about; the final two link ashton's musical source material and vinogradov's. as follows:

Fille mal gardée

Original title: Tshchetnaia predostorozhnost'. Chor: Aleksandr Gorski; mus: Peter Hertel; lib: Dauberval. First perf: Moscow, Bolshoi Theater, Dec 7, 1903 (O.S.).

Ezhegodnik imperatorskikh teatrov. St. Petersurg. Sezon 1903/04, p 198

Fille mal gardée

Chor: Bronislava Nijinska (based on the Mordkin version); mus: Peter Hertel; lib: Dauberval; scen & cos: Serge Soudeikine. First perf: New York, Center Theatre, Jan 19, 1940; Ballet Theatre.//Revival: 1949, staged by Dimitri Romanoff.//First London perf: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Aug 1, 1953; Ballet Theatre.

Uncat. Moore, Lillian. Dancers in America. La fille mal gardée.

Fille mal gardée

Chor: Dimitri Romanoff after Bronislava Nijinska; mus: Peter Hertel; lib: Dauberval; scen & cos: Rolf Gérard; lighting: Nananne Porcher. First perf: New York, City Center, Jan 13, 1972, American Ballet Theatre (Company).

American Ballet Theatre - 1972. NYT, Jan 15, 1972.

Fille mal gardée

Chor: Frederick Ashton; mus: Ferdinand Hérold, adapted and orchestratred by John Lanchbery; lib: Dauberval; scen and cos: Osbert Lancaster. First perf: London, Covent Garden, Jan 28, 1960, Royal Ballet.//First U.S. perf: New York, Metropolitan Opera House, Sept 14, 1960, Royal Ballet.//First perf. by Royal Danish Ballet: Copenhagen, Royal Opera House, Jan 16, 1964; scen & cos: Osbert Lancaster.//First Joffrey Ballet perf: Los Angeles, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Sept 11, 1986; lighting: Jennifer Tipton.

Fille mal gardée

Original title: Liza i Kolen; ili Tshchetnaia predostorozhnost'. Chor: Oleg Vinogradov; mus: Louis Hérold; scen: Gennadii Sotnikov; cos: Tatiana Ratner. First perf: Leningrad, Maly Theater, May 3, 1971; Maly Ballet.//Perf: Vienna, Theater an der Wien, June 9, 1977, during Vienna Festival; Maly Ballet.

Dance and dancers. June 1977, p 8; Aug 1977, p 22-23.

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